Hi there! 👋 I am Nikodem. A Software Engineer

It is said in 2023 that the AI is about to replace me soon so that I can be a full-time musician
so let me document my personal Machine HumanLearning journey before that happens.

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What can be found here?

  • My learning curve in the world of Software Engineering
  • The personal exploration of AI/ML world (as a Software Engineer)
  • Generative AI challenges and their solutions (by a Software Engineer)
  • Foundation knowledge… aka some stuff that we need to remind before each job interview
    #backtobasics #neverstoplearning
  • Groaner jokes that describe the poor life of Software Engineers
  • Machine HumanLearning technics: from atomic habits through mnemonics to
    …yellow sticky notes (please do not use for your passwords!)
  • A lot of fancy buzzwords that keep business up at night but few really know what they really mean
  • And many more…

Latest Posts & Projects

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